Katsuya Gold 1
33 Entries 67 Finalists 24 Qualifying
F Gold 1 Silver 0 Bronze 1 SF Gold 2 Silver 3 Bronze 2 QF Gold 2 Silver 6 Bronze 3

Katsuya got off to a whirlwind start in her first contest in Tórshavn, becoming only the second participant to win on their debut with Malu's entry "Blanco y Negro" for Spain. Success also came with her entry for Albania, Besa Kokedhima, who picked up a 2nd spot in her semi final with the song "Kaloresi i Nates". Things came back down to earth slightly in the contest she hosted in Madrid, with neither of her songs making it past the quarter finals (albeit neither entry was deemed a serious attempt).

Returns to the final came in Bratislava and Yerevan, with Laura Narhi for Finland and Giorgia for San Marino respectively. Both songs failed to make the top 10 though, although that was soon rectified in Llanfair where Lara Scandar finished 10th for Egypt - "Mission is You" remains Egypt's best result in the contest to date. Katsuya's more fancied entry in Llanfair, Denmark's Sarah with "Okay", won its Quarter Final but suffered something of a vote collapse in the final, only managing 16th.

A three contest run without a finalist (only one made it to the semi finals out of seven) followed in Gyumri, Helsingborg and Zaragoza - although the latter was due to an unexpected appendix operation! Two out of those seven entries proved to be Albania again, with Katsuya choosing Besa Kokedhima twice more, although she could not repeat earlier success.

In Toulouse and Riga, Katsuya led Austria to success and two consecutive finals, a 9th place in Toulouse with Christina Stürmer's "Ich Lebe", before Luttenburger Klug finished 21st with "Nur an Mich". More moderate success came in Runavík, with Julie's "Shout" giving Greenland 16th overall and a bronze medal in its QF, Katsuya's first medal since the Llanfair contest. Lena Katina then picked up a gold medal in her QF in Malmö, with "Never Forget" barely missing out on the top 10 with 11th for Uzbekistan.

With four out of eight songs making finals over the past four contests, Örebro was something of a dip in form, with Cosmo Jarvis and England being Katsuya's best result, a narrow elimination in 9th place in the hugely contested semi finals. Barcelona saw a somewhat bizarre choice as Mali-born Amadou & Mariam were sent for Saudi Arabia, eliminated in their QF, though Imelda May returned Katsuya to the final for Ireland.

After failing to get a song to the final in Warsaw and only managing 20th with Belgium in Stavanger, Katsuya took a one contest break, before returning in fine form in Klaksvík. There, Katsuya again brought back an old entry, as Laura Narhi finished 3rd for the Aland Islands, as "Hetken tie on Kevyt" narrowly missed out on the victory by a handful of points. This return to form was continued in Helsinki, where France and Slovenia both made it to the final - Katsuya's first time with two songs in the final since Llanfair.

Kats is also noted for her often acid-tongued reviews (with some contestants being remarkably pleased to get a good review of her!) as well as being the original proponent of the "recaps" that were a fixture in the mid-contests. Katsuya also created and hosted the Champion of Champions editions, starting with the 2011 contest.

Contest Country Artist / Song F SF QF
 Mini Ireland  Mini Czech Republic  Mini Russia  Mini Norway  Mini Sweden  Mini United Kingdom 
 Mini Faroe Islands Tórshavn Mini Spain Spain Malú 1st 3rd 2nd
"Blanco y Negro" 139 83 107
Mini Albania Albania Besa Kokedhima 14th 2nd 4th
"Kaloresi i Nates" 78 88 78
 Mini Spain Madrid Mini Germany Germany Rammstein - - 14th
"Haifisch" - - 13
Mini Montenegro Montenegro Bojan Marovic - - 13th
"Svaki Korak Tvoj" - - 21
 Mini Slovakia Bratislava Mini Serbia Serbia Mika Kostić - - 12th
"Moja Noć" - - 14
Mini Finland Finland Laura Narhi 15th 9th 6th
"Tämä on totta" 50 54 67
 Mini Armenia Yerevan Mini Hungary Hungary Csezy - - 14th
"Csak egy nõ" - - 39
Mini San Marino San Marino Giorgia 16th 5th 3rd
"Il Mio Giorno Migliore" 60 89 95
 Mini Wales LlanfairPG Mini Denmark Denmark Sarah 16th 5th 1st
"Okay" 59 74* 94
Mini Egypt Egypt Lara Scandar 10th 6th 3rd
"Mission Is You" 65 62 87
 Mini Armenia Gyumri Mini Turkey Turkey Sertab Erener - - 15th
"Bu Boyle" - - 36
Mini Albania Albania Besa Kokedhima & Jehona Sopi - - 17th
"Nuk jam Ajo" - - 23*
 Mini Sweden Helsingborg Mini Albania Albania Besa - - 15th
"Engjëjt vrasin njëlloj" - - 29
Mini Luxembourg Luxembourg Jali - - 16th
"Española" - - 34
Mini Moldova Moldova Pasha Parfeni - - 16th
"No Crime" - - 38
 Mini Spain Zaragoza Mini Latvia Latvia Musiqq - - 14th
"Dzīve Izdodas" - - 12*
Mini Hungary Hungary Compact Disco - 12th 10th
"Feel The Rain" - 44* 42*
 Mini France Toulouse Mini Belgium Belgium The Black Box Revelation - 18th 8th
"High On A Wire" - 22 63
Mini Austria Austria Christina Stürmer 9th 11th 6th
"Ich Lebe" 50 46 59
 Mini Latvia Riga Mini Bulgaria Bulgaria Svetla Ivanova - - 16th
"Istinski Luji" - - 19
Mini Austria Austria Luttenberger Klug 21st 6th 6th
"Nur an Mich" 26 58 52
 Mini Faroe Islands Runavík Mini Gibraltar Gibraltar Kirsty Almeida - - 10th
"Spider" - - 45
Mini Greenland Greenland Julie 16th 8th 3rd
"Shout" 41 60 77
 Mini Sweden Malmö Mini Estonia Estonia Koit Toome - - 10th
"Nädalalõpp" - - 39
Mini Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Lena Katina 11th 8th 1st
"Never Forget" 68 58 79
 Mini Sweden Örebro Mini Montenegro Montenegro Milena Vucic - - 9th
"Celebrity" - - 38
Mini England England Cosmo Jarvis - 9th 4th
"Gay Pirates" - 86 96
 Mini Spain Barcelona Mini Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Amadou & Mariam - - 15th
"Sénégal Fast Food" - - 19
Mini Ireland Ireland Imelda May 23rd 12th 9th
"Mayhem" 38 62 81
 Mini Poland Warsaw Mini Lithuania Lithuania Alina Orlova - - 12th
"Ramuma" - - 39
Mini Netherlands Netherlands Nathalie Makoma - 18th 10th
"I Just Wanna Dance" - 4 57
 Mini Norway Stavanger Mini Latvia Latvia Musiqq - 22nd
"Miljonārs" - 26
Mini Belgium Belgium Iana 20th 5th
"Predator" 41 86
 Mini Denmark 
 Mini Faroe Islands Klaksvík Mini Kazakhstan Kazakhstan A-Studio - - 19th
"Fashion Girl" - - 32
Mini Åland Islands Åland Islands Laura Narhi 3rd 2nd 4th
"Hetken tie on Kevyt" 93 108 112
 Mini Finland Helsinki Mini France France Shy'm 12th 6th 10th
"Et Alors !" 62 83 80
Mini Slovenia Slovenia Clea & Kim 24th 10th 9th
"Poslusaj" 20 73 66
 Mini Ireland Dublin Mini Czech Republic Czech Republic Verona - 19th 9th
"Do You Really Wanna Know" - 22 61
Mini Denmark Denmark Soluna Samay 11th 1st 2nd
"Come Again (The Quetzal)" 68 104 127
 Mini Extremadura Mérida Mini Belgium Belgium Belle Perez - DQ 12th
"Gotitas de amor" - 45 65
Mini Albania Albania Besa Kokedhima - 19th 14th
"Always on my Mind" - 43 55
 Mini Jersey Saint Helier Mini Israel Israel Adam Lambert - 16th 6th
"Better Than I Know Myself" - 40 90
Mini Russia Russia Regina Spektor DQ 8th 2nd
"Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)" 37 67 109
 Mini Wales  Mini Netherlands 
 Mini Lebanon Beirut Mini Georgia Georgia Katie Melua - 17th 9th
"Moonshine" - 19 52
Mini Ireland Ireland FRED - 13th 8th
"Skyscrapers" - 39 54
 Mini Latvia Jūrmala Mini Morocco Morocco Malika Ayane - - 3rd
"Come Foglie" - -
Mini Åland Islands Åland Islands Laura Narhi - - DQ
"Tuhlari" - -
 Mini Wales 
 Mini Norway Trondheim Mini Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Dima Bilan and Nikki Jamal - 17th
"Obnimi menya" - 23
Mini Sweden Sweden First Aid Kit 4th 1st
"Emmylou" 84 112
 Mini Germany Cologne Mini Morocco Morocco Sugababes - 16th
"Freedom" - 25
Mini Germany Germany BLITZKIDS mvt. 9th 3rd
"Cold" 68 131
 Mini Greenland  Mini SwSc  Mini France  Mini Finland 
 Mini Russia Sochi Mini Slovenia Slovenia Xequtifz 17th 8th 5th
"And We Danced" 45 61 115
Mini Belgium Belgium Kato 12th 8th 2nd
"Morning Light" 50 85 126
 Mini Denmark Aarhus Mini Cyprus Cyprus Stella Kalli - - 14th
"Arnoumai" - - 47
Mini Portugal Portugal Nelly Furtado ft La Mala Rodriguez - - 12th
"Bajo Otra" - - 36
 Mini Iceland Reykjavík Mini Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Shahzoda ft. Costi - - 15th
"Moi Zolotoi" - - 38
Mini Åland Islands Åland Islands Laura Närhi ft. Erin - 19th 6th
"Siskoni" - 45 112
 Mini Netherlands The Hague Mini Spain Spain Malú - - 17th
"Guerra Fría" - - 19
Mini Austria Austria Lights 23rd 11th 4th
"Second Go" 35 72 103
 Mini Svalbard Pyramiden Mini Croatia Croatia Nina Badric - - 13th
"Ceznja" - - 37
Mini Luxembourg Luxembourg Anouk 9th 2nd 2nd
"Pretending As Always" 67 100 117
 Mini Germany Munich Mini Estonia Estonia Birgit Õigemeel - - DQ
"Nii täiuslik see" - - 119
Mini Wales Wales Laura Pausini ft. Kylie Minogue - - DQ
"Limpido" - - 51
 Mini Finland  Mini Ireland  Mini Svalbard  Mini Estonia  Mini England  Mini Germany  Mini Albania  Mini Bulgaria  Mini England  Mini Jersey  Mini Hungary  Mini Kazakhstan  Mini Finland  Mini Liechtenstein  Mini Portugal  Mini Austria 
 Mini Sweden Lund Mini Estonia Estonia Tanja - 15th 7th
"Forevermore" - 39 65
Mini Germany Germany Femme Schmidt 19th 4th 2nd
"Kill Me" 38 71 139
 Mini Norway Lillehammer Mini Kosovo Kosovo Besa Kokedhima - - 11th
"#14" - - 57
Mini Netherlands Netherlands Jerusa - DQ 7th
"Shadowland" - 56 88

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Received a 25% deduction in points for failing to vote

2 Entries 5 Finalists 1 Qualifying
F Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze 0 SF Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze 0 QF Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze 0

Contest Country Artist / Song F SF QF
 Mini Washington DC Washington, D.C. Mini South Dakota South Dakota The Spill Canvas - - 13th
"Dust Storm" - - 34
Mini Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Santigold - 16th 6th
"L.E.S. Artistes" - 29 61*
 Mini Indiana Indianapolis Mini Connecticut Connecticut Seth MacFarlane - 15th 7th
"A Bag Of Weed" - 15 49
Mini Massachusetts Massachusetts The Dresden Dolls - 17th 11th
"Girl Anachronism" - 4 31
Mini Maryland Maryland Ultra Naté 20th 16th 12th
"Give It All You Got" 20 20 31

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote

3 Entries 4 Finalists 1 Qualifying
F Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze 0

Contest Artist Song F AC H
Mini Sweden Melodifestivalen 1 Caramell "Caramelldansen" - - - 7th
- - - 27
Mini Sweden Melodifestivalen 2 Kim-Lian & Linda Bengtzing "Not That Kinda Girl" 4th - - Q
64 - - -
Veronia Maggio "Mitt hjärta blöder" - - 2nd AC
- - - -
Mini Sweden Melodifestivalen 3 Avicii "Levels" - - - 7th
- - - 49*

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote

1 Entries 1 Finalists 0 Qualifying
F Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze 0

Contest Artist Song F AC H
Mini United Kingdom YCNY 1 Misha B "Home Run" - - - 8th
- - - 25

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote

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