Iran Gold 1
46 Finalists 20 Qualifying
F Gold 1 Silver 0 Bronze 0 SF Gold 2 Silver 0 Bronze 3 QF Gold 3 Silver 4 Bronze 1
Iran have appeared in 40 of the 113 contests to date. Their debut was in the 18th edition in Malmö, with Laleh's song "Live Tomorrow". After a rather strong eighth-place finish, it was knocked out at the semi-final stage, despite gaining more points than it did in the quarter-final.

Its first final appearance came in the 19th edition in Örebro, with Rox's song "My Baby Left Me". After a very impressive quarter-final, garnering its first podium finish, coming in third with 97 points, it qualified to the final in sixth place, with the same point tally as the quarter-final appearance. However, Iran failed to impress in their final debut, getting a rather disappointing 16th place. In their next appearance, they only got to the semi-final stage.

After a short hiatus, Iran returned to DSFE in the 26th edition but failed to get out of the quarter-final stage.

After another hiatus, and quite a long one this time, Iran returned to the DSF Eurovision in the 45th edition in Munich. However, Iran was disqualified in the quarter-final. They scored a staggering 134 points, and had they voted they would have won their QF. Iran was one of the first to suffer this horrible punishment.

After a hiatus of two contests, the Iranians returned to receive a 6th-place finish in Longyearbyen. The next contest in Tallinn seemed positive from 6th and 9th place finishes in the QF and SF respectively, however they received a disappointingly low score in the final, putting them in second-to-last position.

In London (the 48th edition), they received their first winner, "Parallel Lines" winning the quarter-final for Iran. After a bronze in the semi-final, the song finished fifth in the final. It took until the 65th contest in Rome for Iran to find their first win, however, "Let It Burn" by Magic Giant winning the QF, SF and final, with Iran's biggest point tally yet. Iran then held the next contest in Tehran, which got them 8th place on home soil.

After that, Iran has never been on the podium since their victory in Rome. Their closest was in the 81st edition in Andorra la Vella, where, despite having won the semi-final and the quarter-final, Iran got a rather disappointing- sixth place. Iran have not been at the final since the 107th contest in Bradford.
Contest Player Artist / Song F SF QF
 Mini Ireland  Mini Czech Republic  Mini Russia  Mini Norway  Mini Sweden  Mini United Kingdom  Mini Faroe Islands  Mini Spain  Mini Slovakia  Mini Armenia  Mini Wales  Mini Armenia  Mini Sweden  Mini Spain  Mini France  Mini Latvia  Mini Faroe Islands 
 Mini Sweden Malmö thms Laleh - 9th 8th
"Live Tomorrow" - 55 49
 Mini Sweden Örebro Pooley Rox 16th 6th 3rd
"My Baby Left Me" 74 97 97
 Mini Spain Barcelona TerryP Mehrzad Marashi - 18th 9th
"Don't Believe" - 34 75
 Mini Poland  Mini Norway  Mini Denmark  Mini Faroe Islands  Mini Finland 
 Mini Ireland Dublin Fudd Zarif - - 12th
"Box of Secrets" - - 43
 Mini Extremadura  Mini Jersey  Mini Wales  Mini Netherlands  Mini Lebanon  Mini Latvia  Mini Wales  Mini Norway  Mini Germany  Mini Greenland  Mini SwSc  Mini France  Mini Finland  Mini Russia  Mini Denmark  Mini Iceland  Mini Netherlands  Mini Svalbard 
 Mini Germany Munich jag02010 Jasmine Kara - - DQ
"Can't Lie To Me" - - 134
 Mini Finland  Mini Ireland 
 Mini Svalbard Longyearbyen Gav 2.0 Tooji 6th 5th 5th
"Rebels" 89 105 96
 Mini Estonia Tallinn Matthew_Combes Jasmine Kara 25th 9th 6th
"Paralyzed" 27 67 85
 Mini England London Alexos Raphaella 5th 3rd 1st
"Parallel Lines" 78 110 140
 Mini Germany Neuss brb Ramin Karimloo - 14th 8th
"Coming Home" - 51 89
 Mini Albania  Mini Bulgaria  Mini England  Mini Jersey 
 Mini Hungary Göd Stu93 Arash ft. Helena 20th 12th 8th
"One Day" 39 62 81
 Mini Kazakhstan  Mini Finland  Mini Liechtenstein  Mini Portugal  Mini Austria  Mini Sweden  Mini Norway 
 Mini Switzerland Bitsch TobyCY Tooji - - 16th
"Bavar Kon" - - 27
 Mini Italy Rome Alexos Magic Giant 1st 1st 1st
"Let It Burn" 91 119 117
 Mini Iran Tehran jackel1234 Only the Young 8th 12th 4th
"I Do" 70 65 124
 Mini Iceland Kópavogur BethnalGreen Mahan Moin 6th 3rd 2nd
"Azizami" 70 108 135
 Mini Monaco  Mini Italy 
 Mini Moldova Chișinău Carlisle156 Raphaella - 17th 4th
"Fall" - 39 70
 Mini Spain Valencia mikabv Vadel - - 13th
"Drama Queen" - - 33
 Mini Scotland Aberdeen jackel1234 Eden XO 20th - 12th - 6th
"Too Cool To Dance" 31 - 45 - 89
 Mini Romania 
 Mini Norway Tromsø jackel1234 Magic Giant 8th 7th 2nd
"Set on Fire" 57 65 104
 Mini Liechtenstein Schaan JonahTakalua Jasmine Kara - 14th 10th
"Imperfect" - 37 54
 Mini Italy Pisa mikabv Reem - 22nd 11th
"All That I Want" - 10 43
 Mini New Zealand Christchurch Alexos Roya - 14th 8th
"Lie" - 33 65
 Mini Svalbard Ny-Ålesund yoshi94 Mahan Moin - - 12th
"The World is Mine" - - 58
 Mini SlovakiaAustria  Mini ISS 
 Mini Andorra Andorra la Vella GreekFan Mahan Moin 6th 1st 1st
"Elysium" 55 76 97
 Mini Italy  Mini Wales 
 Mini Norway Hell aliyah101 Vampire Weekend - - 16th
"Horchata" - - 13
 Mini Germany 
 Mini Ukraine Odessa yoshi94 Raphaella 14th 3rd 4th
"In the Dark" 38 90 91
 Mini Isle of Man Douglas da33431 Sirvan Khosravi - - 16th
"Kojai To (Where Are You)" - - 31
 Mini Norway Molde Greecelove Amanda Delara 14th 8th 5th
"Dirhamz" 62 87 102
 Mini Jersey Le Hurel AxG Mahan Moin 4th 7th 2nd 1st
"Bia Beraghsim" 81 78 119 138
 Mini Romania Găești King Kunta Sirvan Khosravi - - 14th
"Ghabe Akse Khali (Empty Frame)" - - 20
 Mini Luxembourg Esch Carlisle156 / yoshi94 Mahan Moin - 19th 10th
"Déjà Vu" - 45 112
 Mini Greece Athens King Kunta Ra Ra Riot - 26th
"Water" - 23
 Mini Faroe Islands  Mini Hungary  Mini Morocco  Mini Sweden  Mini Åland Islands  Mini San Marino 
 Mini Spain Malaga Greecelove Arash ft. Snoop Dogg 19th 7th 7th
"OMG" 68 85 98
 Mini Greece Athens ChickenFromKiev TĀLĀ & Banks - - 14th
"Wolfpack" - - 59
 Mini England Carlisle RickyLeeds85 Raphaella - - 16th
"Imagine" - - 32
 Mini Sweden 
 Mini Wales Bangor avb Azusena 21st 9th 4th
"In The Water" 32 75 117
 Mini Serbia Belgrade Pooley Jasmine Kara DQ 13th 5th
"Smile" 44 56 78
 Mini Andorra 
 Mini Svalbard Bear Island thengp12 Sevdaliza - - 15th
"Human" - - 44
 Mini England Bradford Carlisle156 Arash Nyusha Pitbull Blanco 10th 12th 7th
"Goalie Goalie" 44 62 79
 Mini Israel 
 Mini New Zealand Wellington ChickenFromKiev Gia Woods - - 14th
"New Girlfriend" - - 51
 Mini SwAl  Mini Albania 
 Mini Italy Rieti nick1990 Eden xo - - 11th
"So Lucky" - - 59
 Mini Slovakia 
 Mini Macedonia Skopje MissMidgard Magic Giant - - 17th
"Shake Me Up" - - 28
 Mini Cyprus Limassol ethanh05 Eendo - - 12th
"Hamin Lahzeh" - - 60
 Mini Gotland Visby Jakub Lafawndah - - 15th
"Daddy" - - 32
 Mini Norway Hamar alwaysanigel247 Anita - - 12th
"Bezar Boro" - - 59
 Mini Svalbard 
 Mini Armenia Martuni {{}} Gia Wood
 Mini Svalbard Ny-London Carlisle156 Lexy Panterra 20th 12th 2nd
"Dame Dame" 45 61 118

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote
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