Gibraltar Silver 1
39 Finalists 19 Qualifying
F Gold 0 Silver 1 Bronze 1 SF Gold 2 Silver 1 Bronze 2 QF Gold 4 Silver 3 Bronze 2
Gibraltar debuted at the 17th contest in Runavík, and its best DSF Eurovision result came very soon after, at the 19th contest in Örebro, with Alistair Griffin's song "Just Drive", receiving 2nd place with 151 points. However, it has failed to go the one better, having never won the contest, its best result since Örebro being at the 106th contest at Bear Island, Svalbard: a third-place finish with Alice Chater's song "Hourglass": this song garnered Gibraltar 93 points, having reached first place in both their semi-final and quarter-final.

Gibraltar missed out the 107th contest in Bradford, before returning in the 108th contest in Tel Aviv. They failed to make it past the semi-finals. In the 109th contest in Wellington, the territory came 4th in the quarter-final and came third in the semi-finals, yet they came a somewhat disappointing 17th in the final.

The territory missed out the three ensuing contests until they returned in the 113th contest in Bratislava. Despite obtaining fantastic reviews, their rather foul-mouthed song "Driving for Dick" failed to qualify from the quarter-final, surprising many observers.
Contest Player Artist / Song F SF QF
 Mini Ireland  Mini Czech Republic  Mini Russia  Mini Norway  Mini Sweden  Mini United Kingdom  Mini Faroe Islands  Mini Spain  Mini Slovakia  Mini Armenia  Mini Wales  Mini Armenia  Mini Sweden  Mini Spain  Mini France  Mini Latvia 
 Mini Faroe Islands Runavík Katsuya Kirsty Almeida - - 10th
"Spider" - - 45
 Mini Sweden Malmö Empress Plum Taxi - - 9th
"Es Tu Vos" - - 50
 Mini Sweden Örebro Carlisle156 Alistair Griffin 2nd 1st 1st
"Just Drive" 151 147 144
 Mini Spain  Mini Poland  Mini Norway 
 Mini Denmark Copenhagen Josh! Crystal Fighters - 11th
"Plage" - 52
 Mini Faroe Islands Klaksvík unclekevo Alondra Bentley - - 18th
"..." - - 42
 Mini Finland  Mini Ireland  Mini Extremadura  Mini Jersey  Mini Wales  Mini Netherlands  Mini Lebanon  Mini Latvia  Mini Wales  Mini Norway  Mini Germany  Mini Greenland  Mini SwSc  Mini France  Mini Finland  Mini Russia  Mini Denmark 
 Mini Iceland Reykjavík Pooley Honey Ryder 12th 5th 2nd
"Marley's Chains" 67 103 152
 Mini Netherlands The Hague Saturn Foxes 13th 11th 4th
"Youth" 62 64 122
 Mini Svalbard  Mini Germany  Mini Finland 
 Mini Ireland Donegal penguinperson Avec Sans - 14th 9th
"Hold On" - 43 80
 Mini Svalbard 
 Mini Estonia Tallinn Cuishla Paloma Faith - 17th 7th
"Black And Blue" - 40 117
 Mini England London JonahTakalua Skillet - - 12th
"Hero" - - 43
 Mini Germany  Mini Albania 
 Mini Bulgaria Sofia March Mornings Pablo Lopez - 22nd 8th
"Suplicando" - 32 71
 Mini England  Mini Jersey 
 Mini Hungary Göd JordanC55 Sigma ft. Paloma Faith - 16th 7th
"Changing" - 56 93
 Mini Kazakhstan Almaty Carlisle156 Laura Welsh 5th 2nd 2nd
"Break The Fall" 71 102 109
 Mini Finland  Mini Liechtenstein  Mini Portugal 
 Mini Austria Vienna Carlisle156 Aiden Grimshaw 19th 12th 5th
"Curtain Call" 42 61 106
 Mini Sweden Lund AcerBen Christina Marie - 14th 10th
"I'm Coming Home To You" - 46 69
 Mini Sweden  Mini Norway 
 Mini Switzerland Bitsch TerryP Claire Maguire - 18th 4th
"Don't Mess Me Around" - 42 130
 Mini Italy  Mini Iran  Mini Iceland  Mini Monaco  Mini Italy  Mini Moldova  Mini Spain 
 Mini Scotland Aberdeen MiesBouwman Indiana - 16th 6th
"Only the Lonely" - 34 88
 Mini Romania  Mini Norway 
 Mini Liechtenstein Schaan avb Joe Moore 21st 6th 4th
"Invincible" 24 59 88
 Mini Italy Pisa yoshi94 CoCo and the Butterfields - 17th 9th
"Warriors" - 31 58
 Mini New Zealand Christchurch thengp12 Foxes - 20th 8th
"Cruel" - 17 55
 Mini Svalbard  Mini SlovakiaAustria  Mini ISS 
 Mini Andorra Andorra la Vella jackel1234 Ward Thomas 4th 5th 1st
"Carry You Home" 64 64 106
 Mini Italy Venice BethnalGreen Rag'n'Bone Man 6th 4th 2nd
"Human" 63 92 119
 Mini Wales Snowdonia Pete Callan Busted 21st 13th 5th
"On What You're On" 36 45 74
 Mini Norway Hell TerryP Melanie C 19th 6th 3rd
"Anymore" 34 64 87
 Mini Germany 
 Mini Ukraine Odessa Yugimuto1 Lovestarrs 24th 11th 6th
"WTF (Pop Culture)" 23 54 70
 Mini Isle of Man Douglas Alexos White Lies - 16th 7th
"Hold Back Your Love" - 33 63
 Mini Norway 
 Mini Jersey Le Hurel xhannahlongx Jax Jones ft Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don - - 15th
"Instruction" - - 58
 Mini Romania Găești ConnieFer99 Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont ft. Malin - - 14th
"Safe With You" - - 48
 Mini Luxembourg Esch ESC Ross IDER - - 13th
"Pulse" - - 63
 Mini Greece  Mini Faroe Islands  Mini Hungary  Mini Morocco  Mini Sweden  Mini Åland Islands  Mini San Marino 
 Mini Spain Malaga Pooley Samantha Harvey 11th 9th 3rd
"Please" 75 81 159
 Mini Greece Athens JordanC55 Calum Scott 21st 8th 10th
"What I Miss Most" 41 59 79
 Mini England  Mini Sweden 
 Mini Wales Bangor RickyLeeds85 Pale Waves DQ 13th 8th
"Eighteen" 32 60 76
 Mini Serbia  Mini Andorra 
 Mini Svalbard Bear Island Pooley Alice Chater 3rd 1st 1st
"Hourglass" 93 119 142
 Mini England 
 Mini Israel Tel Aviv yoshi94 Maisie Peters - 19th 5th
"Stay Young" - 27 89
 Mini New Zealand Wellington nick1990 John Newman 17th 3rd 4th
"Feelings" 36 80 87
 Mini SwAl  Mini Albania  Mini Italy 
 Mini Slovakia Bratislava Laura Sophie Anderson - - 12th
"Driving For Dick" - - 61
 Mini Macedonia Skopje da33431 Becky Hill, WEISS 26th 12th 10th
"I Could Get Used To This" 14 50 54
 Mini Cyprus Limassol da33431 Jax Jones ft. Ella Henderson 5th 3rd 1st
"This Is Real" 67 89 139
 Mini Gotland 
 Mini Norway Hamar RickyLeeds85 Freya Ridings 16th 12th 7th
"Love Is Fire" 42 51 81

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