Drew Peacock Silver 1
8 Entries 13 Finalists 3 Qualifying
F Gold 0 Silver 1 Bronze 0 SF Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze 0 QF Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze 0

Drew Peacock is a player ixn DS Fantasy Eurovision who hasn't missed a contest to date. His best result was way back in Prague, where he finished second by sending 'Sa e Shite Zemren' by Juliana Pasha and Luiz Ejlli for Albania, which finished in second place. Lately things haven't been going so well for Drew as he hasn't qualified for a final since Moscow. Drew is known for his cryptic put-downs and his love of the accordion, but what must be a constant source of chagrin, is his inability to win this contest. One fears like that of a heroin addict, the depths he will go to, for the ever decreasing returns that a win will add to his fragile sense of worth. "What would Tarkan do with an accordion?" is a question he wrestles with every day...

Contest Country Artist / Song F SF QF
 Mini Ireland Dublin Mini Turkey Turkey Tarkan 5th 4th
"Öp" 141 86
Mini Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herz. Eldin Huseinbegović - 20th
"Tako bih rado" - 15
 Mini Czech Republic Prague Mini Albania Albania Juliana Pasha ft. Luiz Ejlli 2nd 2nd
"Sa e Shite Zemren" 164 96
Mini Greece Greece Giannis Ploutarxos - 16th
"Me Mia Matia" - 40
 Mini Russia Moscow Mini Tunisia Tunisia Amany El Seweissy 22nd 1st
"Sebha Alaya" 80 97
Mini Luxembourg Luxembourg Serge Tonnar & Legotrip - 18th
"Laksembörg Sitti" - 40
 Mini Norway Oslo Mini Andorra Andorra Dementia Protocol - 21st
"Esclava de tu Piel" - 17
Mini Ukraine Ukraine The Brothers Borisenko - 18th
"Koldovala Zima" - 34
 Mini Sweden Stockholm Mini Albania Albania Zig Zag Orchestra - 25th
"I Dehur Jam" - 16
Mini Spain Spain David Civera - 17th
"Bye Bye" - 43
 Mini United Kingdom Manchester Mini Libya Libya Raghad - - 10th
"Ya Gumar Ya Ghali" - - 29
 Mini Faroe Islands Tórshavn Mini Poland Poland Feel - 13th 7th
"W Odpowiedzi Na Twoj List" - 45 57
 Mini Spain Madrid Mini Czech Republic Czech Republic Verona - - 11th
"Ztracená Bloudím" - - 44

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote

Drew Peacock
3 Entries 4 Finalists 2 Qualifying
F Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze 0

Contest Artist Song F AC H
Mini Sweden Melodifestivalen 1 Elisas "För det här är bara början" - - - 8th
- - - 37
Mini Sweden Melodifestivalen 2 Melody Club "Electric" 10th - - Q
27 - - -
Cameron Cartio "Bia Nazdiktar" - - - 7th
- - - 32
Mini Sweden Melodifestivalen 3 Elisabeth Andreassen ft Alexander Rybak "Danse mot vår" 9th - - 1st
40 - - 69

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote

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