DSFJE White Mini Italy Rome 
Host Country Mini Switzerland Switzerland Host City Geneva
Host Player MWalker1066 DS Link 19–25 May 2013


Pos Country Artist Song Pts Player
1st Mini Italy Italy Demi Lovato "Heart Attack" 37 Yugimuto1
2nd Mini United Kingdom United Kingdom Amelia Lily "You Bring Me Joy" 27 JordanC55
3rd Mini Sweden Sweden Zara Larsson "Uncover" 25 JordanC55
4th Mini Finland Finland Robin "Frontside Ollie" 23* 21stCenturyBoy
5th Mini France France Leo Rispal "1,2,3" 22 AxG
6th Mini Denmark Denmark Signe Hartung "I Miss U" 22 MWalker1066
7th Mini Ireland Ireland Fresh Ré "Get Down Low" 21 MWalker1066
8th Mini Norway Norway Adelen "Bombo" 19 Yugimuto1
9th Mini Germany Germany Mina "I Will Not Let You Down" 16 AxG
10th Mini Spain Spain Paula Rojo "Solo Tú" 10* 21stCenturyBoy
* Finland and Spain received a 5 point penalty for failing to vote.

DSFJE White Mini Italy Rome 
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