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Algeria made their DSFE debut in the 5th contest held in Stockholm, it was a solid debut as Zaho made the final, but once their they could only manage a 26th place finish out of a field of 28. Algeria was to compete 2 more times in 2011 failing to make it past the QF stage on either occasion.

It was a great start to 2012 for Algeria as they took 8th place in the Malmö contest thanks to 90’s pop group Aqua, it was to be a false hope for the African nation however as they were to miss out on the final on their next 5 appearances. However in their last appearance of the year in Amsterdam they were to score their best result to date when Khaled finished 6th in the final.

Like the previous year Algeria were to start the year off with an appearance in the final, however it wasn’t to be a successful one as Kristina Maria was to score just 9 points and 24th and last place in the Trondheim final, that was to be the height of their success that year as they failed to make the final on any of their further 4 appearances.

This year has seen Algeria become more of a fixture in DSFE with them present in all but 3 contests, however this has not seen an increase in their final appearances with just one to date so far, Gravitonas ft. Army of Lovers finishing 13th in the Tirana final.

Contest Player Artist / Song F SF QF
 Mini Ireland  Mini Czech Republic  Mini Russia  Mini Norway 
 Mini Sweden Stockholm gav016 Zaho 26th 10th
"Kif'n'dir" 57 54
 Mini United Kingdom Manchester AxG Rachid Taha - - 6th
"Bonjour" - - 46
 Mini Faroe Islands  Mini Spain  Mini Slovakia  Mini Armenia 
 Mini Wales LlanfairPG Carlisle156 Justin Nozuka - - 16th
"Heartless" - - 37
 Mini Armenia  Mini Sweden  Mini Spain  Mini France  Mini Latvia  Mini Faroe Islands 
 Mini Sweden Malmö Cuishla Aqua 8th 9th 3rd
"Playmate To Jesus" 77 61 69
 Mini Sweden Örebro kvn Milk & Honey - - 7th
"Habibi (Je T'Time)" - - 57
 Mini Spain Barcelona allthatyouwant Zaho - 20th 10th
"C'est Chelou" - 29* 70
 Mini Poland  Mini Norway  Mini Denmark  Mini Faroe Islands 
 Mini Finland Helsinki DamienS Aqua - 15th 8th
"Kill Myself" - 57 71
 Mini Ireland Dublin 21stCenturyBoy Ysa Ferrer - - 11th
"Pom Pom Girl" - - 49
 Mini Extremadura 
 Mini Jersey Saint Helier mikabv Nâdiya ft. Smartzee - - 15th
"Et C'Est Parti" - - 40
 Mini Wales 
 Mini Netherlands Amsterdam benana93 Khaled 6th 4th 5th
"C'est La Vie" 72 99 94
 Mini Lebanon  Mini Latvia  Mini Wales 
 Mini Norway Trondheim DamienS Kristina Maria 24th 8th
"Let's Play" 9 75
 Mini Germany 
 Mini Greenland Nuuk avb Merwan Rim - 12th
"Mens-Moi" - 60
 Mini SwSc  Mini France  Mini Finland 
 Mini Russia Sochi phill363 Camélia Jordana - - 12th
"Non, Non, Non" - - 68
 Mini Denmark 
 Mini Iceland Reykjavík Fudd Aqua - - 18th
"How R U Doin?" - - 23
 Mini Netherlands  Mini Svalbard 
 Mini Germany Munich Pooley Jenifer - 17th 10th
"L'Amour & Moi" - 47 48
 Mini Finland  Mini Ireland  Mini Svalbard 
 Mini Estonia Tallinn EuanDesu Kenza Farah - - 12th
"Lucky" - - 30
 Mini England  Mini Germany 
 Mini Albania Tirana Cuishla Gravitonas ft. Army of Lovers 13th 10th 8th
"People Are Lonely" 52 63 82
 Mini Bulgaria Sofia Stu93 YADi - - 17th
"Creatures" - - 46
 Mini England Reading phill363 Mani - 15th 4th
"Bang Bang" - 57 99
 Mini Jersey Saint Helier Carlisle156 YADi - - 9th
"Safara Heat" - - 72
 Mini Hungary Göd andrewdk Yasmine Ammari ft. DJ Fouzi - - 18th
"Denia Li Nekratou" - - 31
 Mini Finland Oulu BethnalGreen Chimène Badi 19th 6th 8th
"Ma Liberté" 39 70 65
 Mini Liechtenstein 
 Mini Portugal Lisbon BethnalGreen Lynda Thalie - 14th 9th
"Dance Your Pain Away" - 33 55
 Mini Austria Vienna poshbloke BB Brunes - - 14th
"Coups et Blessures" - - 51
 Mini Sweden Lund alwaysanigel247 Zaho - - 14th
"Tout est Pareil" - - 50
 Mini Norway Lillehammer jackel1234 Souad Massi - 18th 17th
"Raoui" - 26 27
 Mini Switzerland Bitsch shar_ds Nâdiya & Kelly Rowland - - 16th
"No Future In The Past" - - 33
 Mini Italy  Mini Iran  Mini Iceland  Mini Monaco  Mini Italy  Mini Moldova  Mini Spain  Mini Scotland  Mini Romania  Mini Norway  Mini Liechtenstein  Mini Italy 
 Mini New Zealand Christchurch GreekFan Chimene Badi 7th 2nd 3rd
"Les retardataires" 56 67 98
 Mini Svalbard  Mini SlovakiaAustria  Mini ISS  Mini Andorra  Mini Italy  Mini Wales 
 Mini Norway Hell Gwen 404 Lamiya 26th 9th 10th
"Echoes" 15 58 58
 Mini Germany  Mini Ukraine  Mini Isle of Man 
 Mini Jersey Le Hurel Alexos Marina Kaye 7th 8th 4th
"On My Own" 74 77 98
 Mini Romania 
 Mini Luxembourg Esch BethnalGreen/MiesBouwman Gabriel Kane - 19th 9th
"Ink In My Veins" - 59 113
 Mini Greece  Mini Faroe Islands 
 Mini Hungary Budapest brittanywattsBB Marina Kaye - - 13th
"Something" - - 61
 Mini Morocco  Mini Sweden 
 Mini Åland Islands Jomala fermattheorum Zaho 21st 10th 9th
"Comme tous les soirs" 32 60 90
 Mini San Marino San Marino poshbloke Frank Gamble - - 16th
"Myths" - - 39
 Mini Spain Malaga Pooley Nabila Dali - 14th 3rd
"Mistaken" - 73 132
 Mini Greece Athens AxG Julie Zenatti, Chimène Badi - - 13th
"Zina (ici ou là-bas)" - - 55
 Mini England  Mini Sweden  Mini Wales 
 Mini Serbia Belgrade Pooley MAUDE - - 19th
"Cool" - - 30
 Mini Andorra  Mini Svalbard  Mini England  Mini Israel 
 Mini New Zealand Wellington Pooley Kristina Maria - - 15th
"Where The Sun Don't Shine" - - 27

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote
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